Education evolves over time, and in an era where innovation is the key, teachers’ ability to provide creative and effective learning becomes increasingly crucial. To create a more inspiring learning environment, PIB College, School of Tourism, Digital, and Creative Arts, organized an event called “Retreat SMK Teacher & D2 Fast Track: Room Division Operations Program,” which took place at the Pancasila Joint Classroom, PIB College, for two days, on August 18-19, 2023. This event was held to enrich teachers’ experiences in stimulating optimal student development through more innovative teaching approaches.

The event held within the D2 Fast Track: Room Division Operations program not only enriched the experiences of teachers but also developed their teaching abilities to stimulate optimal student development through innovative learning approaches. The retreat program aimed to assist high school and vocational school (SMK) teachers affiliated with the D2 Fast Track program in developing their teaching techniques.

The D2 Fast Track: Room Division program is one of the programs under the PIB College’s Hotel Management study program. With a study duration of 2 years, this program provides students with faster access to the hospitality industry. Compared to other study programs, D2 Fast Track students can experience real-world work opportunities sooner.

Not stopping there, PIB College also offers opportunities for those interested in the management aspects of the hospitality industry. Still under the Hotel Management study program, PIB College also has an Executive Hotel Management Program in collaboration with the Apurva Kempinski Bali. This program guides graduates towards middle-level managerial skills, equipping them with the necessary skills to manage essential aspects of this complex industry.

During the sharing session, educators were given the opportunity to share their teaching experiences and evaluate the learning elements they had implemented. In-depth discussions about specific areas requiring improvement were accompanied by detailed explanations of how to enhance them. Teachers also had the chance to exchange experiences with educators who had tried similar techniques, opening up space for broader input and perspectives on relevant teaching techniques.

In addition to the technical aspects of teaching, this training also included leadership development. Dr. Paulus Herry Arianto, M.A., C.B.C., Deputy Director of PIB College, provided insights into leadership aspects. This session served as an opportunity for teachers to internalize leadership values that can shape students into resilient and competent individuals.

The retreat session also discussed how to set precise goals and cultivate a mindset that supports achieving those goals. This session was led by Bu Erika Sedana, providing insights on how to align concrete learning objectives with a positive mindset to make teaching more focused and meaningful. With a strong foundation, teaching can become more directed and meaningful for students.

One essential aspect of learning is a teacher’s ability to deeply understand their students. Through this retreat, teachers were encouraged to get closer to their students, understand their needs, and design appropriate approaches to make learning more engaging and relevant. Additionally, collaboration among teachers from various schools could enrich insights and experiences, thereby positively impacting the quality of education in Bali.

As a tourism campus in Bali, PIB College collaborated with education practitioners and psychologists to conduct this retreat. This was aimed at ensuring that the event truly benefits the participants and has a positive impact on education in Bali. Through collaboration, sharing experiences, and exploring new ideas, teachers can become agents of change in the teaching and learning process. PIB College’s dedication is not only evident in their efforts to produce outstanding students but also in their commitment to enhancing the competence and quality of educators. With this retreat, the hope is that learning in schools in Bali will become more enjoyable, effective, and inspiring for the younger generation to achieve excellence. (STV)