Study In Bali.

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Graduating from high school is definitely a phase where we are confused about which university we would like to join. Have you ever thought about studying in Bali? It must be super exciting. How’s so? Bali is a well-known tourist destination both in Indonesia and in international world. Well, Bali, besides being famous for its thousands temples, also has many universities from state to private-owned. For those who want to study in the field of Hospitality and Tourism, of course, Bali is the right choice.

These are what you will definitely find in Bali:

1. Friendly and Tolerance

Well, this one is definitely yours in Bali. Friendly smiles of Balinese people will welcome you first. Besides being famous for its hospitality, Bali also has a high level of tolerance. Although the majority are Hindus, Balinese people highly respect the differences of beliefs. It can be seen in the Nusa Dua area, where in one area you will be able to see worship places like mosque, church, monastery and temple.

2. Meet “Bule”

As one of the most popular tourist destination in the world, many foreigners (also known as Bule by local people), can be easily found in every corner. Most of them are interested in Balinese beauty of tourism and culture. Now it’s a plus, especially for those who want to pursue career in hospitality can practice their speaking and listening skills by making friends with Bule.

3. Local Cuisine

It is clear that Bali has so many types of delicacies that you have to try. Starting from Betutu Chicken, Babi Guling, Lawar and many more. In addition, Bali also has many options for low cost food like Nasi Jinggo. For Moslem and others that is concerned with “halal” label, halal food vendors also available everywhere.

4. Jobs Opportunity

Bali also has a lot of jobs opportunities for those who are graduated from hospitality field. During high/peak season, many hotels also looking for daily worker (DW). It is pretty much adding your pocket money without disturbing your studies.

5. Lots of Photo Collections

Bali is absolutely a place where you can easily find many beautiful places with Instagram-worth spot like beaches that surround the island and breath-taking rice field like Jatiluwih which is suitable for your Instagram feed.

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