Perbedaan Politeknik dengan Universitas

The Differences between Polytechnic and University

When graduating from high school, the question that often arises are, “Where do you want to go?”, “University or Polytechnic?”, “What major do you want to take?”, and so on. How confusing could it be? In result, many are confused about where to continue their education. Well, don’t be confused. The differences between the University and the Polytechnic will be elaborated below:

The university is an educational institution consisting of many faculties and is general in nature, while the Polytechnic is more specialized and centralized. In terms of learning, the University organizes education in various science groups and learns more theory than field practice. Polytechnic is a type of higher education institution in Indonesia, which is more practical in terms of learning. Polytechnics generally organize vocational education aimed at preparing graduates who are ready to work with various skills.

In general, the comparison of theory and practice in the scope of education at the Polytechnic is around 30%: 70%. Therefore, Polytechnic graduates, in general, are also able to exercise applied science received during the study period, supported by work placements (internship programs) to further sharpen skills in the professional sphere. For those who have aspirations to work immediately after graduating from college, Polytechnic is the answer.

Brief explanation above is the differences between the University and the Polytechnic. Hopefully, it can help those who are confused to decide where they want to continue their studies. Goodluck Tweeps!

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