3.5-Year Program | Degree: S.Tr.Par
A program that is designed for everyone who wishes to pursue career as well as start a business in the field of event-related management. This program equipped with essential skill-sets through experiential based learning process with more industry-related practical classes.
The advantages of Event Management program include preparing students to be a professional on Meeting, Incentives, Convention and Exhibition Management (MICE) industry. Those activities also beneficial for enhancing local values in event industry, both nationally and globally.
This program also aiming to develop practical & relevant skills for each graduates before entering professional industry and business coaching to start a business independently in tourism destination & even-related fields.
Real World Experience: “Industry Introduction” (2 times, for 3 months each in 3-star hotel, event organizer, or related industries) & “Industrial Placement” (6 months in 5-star hotel, event organizer, or related industries)
1. Convention and Exhibition Management
2. MICE Location Management
3. Event Management
4. Introduction to MICE & Event Business
5. Marketing Communication
6. Catering Service Management
7. Wedding Organizer
8. English for MICE
9. Cross Culture Understanding
10. Character Development
11. French as a second language
12. Leadership
1. Entrepreneur
2. Events Director
3. Head of Corporate Event & Exhibition
4. Head of Implementation Team
5. Project Executive
6. Venue Executive
7. Sales & Business Development Executive
8. Concert, Festival & Exhibitions Organizer
9. Wedding Organizer
1. Alila Solo
2. Villa S18 Legian
3. Harris Hotel Seminyak
4. Harris Riverview
5. PT. Sekarmenuh Eventama
6. Wisuya Event
7. Double Six
8. JP Pro
9. Bali Spirit Festival
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