“The Bushy Hair” that is almost extict

Kambing Gembrong also known as “the bushy hair goat” is a type of local Balinese goat that was first discovered in the Kintamani area. Unlike other types of goats, Kambing Gembrong has a unique feature in the form of long fur on the upper head that cover partially to the overall face of the goat. The uniqueness is generally found in male goats, while female goats tend to be neater.

Kambing Gembrong are also a rare species in Indonesia. According to the Bali Institute of Agricultural Technology (BTPT), in 1970 the number of population reached 200. However, now its existence is increasingly alarming.

The head of the Bali Province Animal Husbandry and Health Service, I Wayan Mardiana, stated that the population of Kambing Gembrong in 2017 was only about 30 left in Kubu Village, Karangasem.

Seeing the declining population of the Kambing Gembrong, Politeknik Internasional Bali (PIB) is actively contributing to maintaining its sustainability. As an educational institution that also became the first Green Campus in Bali, this concern can be seen from the growing number of Kambing Gembrong populations in the campus area after being successfully cultivated. Up to now, there are 29 Gembrong Goats kept within the PIB campus.

Meanwhile, according to the Director of Politeknik Internasional Bali (PIB), which has been able to bring the D4 Hotel Business Management Study Program to achieve accredited B title within 2 years, Prof. Dr.Ir. Sulistyawati, M.Sc, M.M., M.Mis., D.Th., Ph.D., Dg., Thursday (2/5) in Tabanan, said that the existence of the Kambing Gembrong has entered a critical period and the population has been greatly reduced. “However, the Kambing Gembrong as a native of Bali should not become extinct, PIB as a green campus cares to participate in cultivating it”, said Prof. Suli.

The existence of the Kambing Gembrong in the campus environment was positively welcomed by students. In addition, there are goats, geese, ducks, cows, fish, and other animals also make the campus atmosphere more beautiful and enjoyable.

“The presence of rare animals on campus makes us have a sense of care to help guard against the threat of extinction,” said Gendis Ihza Maghfira, student of the PIB D3 Culinary Arts Study Program.

The new 2-year campus has a total land area of 15 hectares and currently has been built for a campus area of 5 hectares. Seen beautiful green space in every corner that is very dominating and in harmony with the overall architecture of the building. Politeknik Internasional Bali is a very comfortable campus for education, especially in tourism.

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