Culinary Arts

3 Years Programme

The programme is designed for passionate cooking apprentices who wish to pursue careers and start-up a business in culinary arts. This is an ideal programme for someone who wants to gain optimum skills in culinary arts, with the perfect mix of practical and theory classes throughout the years. Our aim is to produce quality graduates who are confident with their culinary skills and display leadership qualities that will enhance their professional stand in the hospitality and foodservice industry here in Indonesia and world wide. The program combine the craft and art of cooking with science and nutrition, management skills, character development, and a variety of work experience opportunities that will set you apart from the competition. We enrich the programme with special course about traditional food and Balinese decorative and culinary.

Real World Experience : 6 months internship in the kitchen and restaurants to develop practical and relevant skills.



1. Balinese Decorative and Culinary
2. Nutrition
3. Restaurant and Kitchen Management
4. Cost Control Management
5. Traditional Food Practice
6. Pastry and Bakery Practice
7. Asian Culinary Practice

8. Western Culinary Practice
9. Food and Menu Planning
10. Cross Culture Understanding
11. Character Development
12. Leadership
13. French as second foreign language


1. Executive Chef
2. Sous Chef
3. Pastry Chef

4. Chef de Partie
5. Pantry Chef
6. Entrepreneurin culinary industry