Frequently Ask Questions

1. How is the curriculum?
The curriculum consists of 30% theory and 70% practice. As a vocational oriented school, we are emphasizing our program on how the graduates prepare to open their own business in tourism field. Further information about the curriculum, kindly contact us by email at


2. What is the lecturer background?
Lecturers consist of practitioners from hotel industry (GM), culinary practitioners (pastry, pantry, western, Asia, and traditional food) who are already competent in their field. There are expatriate lecturers who will teach for practice courses, especially in culinary subject.


3. Is there any internship?
PIB recommends places for internship for 5 Star Hotel qualification, best event organizer, and company in event management and best restaurant in Bali. PIB is ready to help you to find a place for doing international internship placement.


4. What are graduate career prospects?
Each of the major has their own career prospect. For example, in Culinary Arts, graduates will become a Chef de Cuisine/Executive Chef/Head Chef, Sous Chef, Chef de Partie (CDP), and Commis. A good chance for graduates to get a job is through internship. If students show good attitudes and also good character (discipline, can work under pressure, etc) during the training period, they will get the priority for internship. Therefore, placement and acceptance as an employee in this industry is a part of PIB’s main goal to help students.


5. What is PIB basic language during the teaching and learning process?
For 1st semester, PIB uses Bahasa (English additional). However, in 2nd semester, we will apply bilingual which means use both Bahasa and English in learning process. The purpose is to train, equip, and sharpen their English skill.


6. If you already took the Diploma 1 or 2 (Level 1 & 2) and want to take Diploma 3 or 4 (Level 3 & 4), is there any equivalency program?
For credits scheme depends on PIB academic team.


7. What degree that the student will earn after finish studying in PIB?
A. Diploma for 3 years programs will get A.Md.Par
B. Diploma for 4 years programs will get S.STr.Par


8. What are advantages of PIB Campus compare to other campuses?
A. PIB curriculum consist of 70% of practice and 30% of theory
B. The only “tourism-preneur”-based program
C. The only Polytechnic campus in Bali that empowers the local community as a partner in developing TOURISMPRENEURSHIP, by establishing cooperation with hospitality and tourism industries
D. The only polytechnic campus in Tabanan district that gives a selling value or contribution to the development of tourism education in Bali Province
E. PIB’s lecturers come from practitioner and experienced academic in hospitality, business and tourism field
F. PIB is one of the “Green Campus” in Bali that promote a convenience in learning process
G. A ready-made curriculum in tourism industry and prepares students to become professionals
H. PIB has modern facilities, complete, and in accordance with 5 star Hotel standards. So, before the students do their job training, they have experienced it before.


9. How is PIB scholarship mechanism?
A. The awardee for category “Grant” will be provided with free development and tuition fee until they graduate
from PIB, minimum Semester Achievement Index 3.75 (from scale 4.00)
B. The awardee for category “Scholarship for Student with Academic Achievement” will be provided with a tuition fee waiver. When the awardee couldn’t manage to reach the minimum Semester Achievement Index 3.60 (from scale 4.00), the Scholarship will be suspended for the next semester.


10. How long the learning process will be held in one full day?
Will be arrange based on the selected schedule that have been determined by the students.
PIB starts the learning process at 09.00 WITA – 15.30 WITA in general.


11. How much PIB tuition fee (education fee)?
Go check:


12. Are the dormitory facilities already included in Tuition fee?
Dormitory cost is separated from the Tuition fee and located in the middle of PIB campus. The range cost is about Rp. 350.000,00 – Rp. 1.500.000,00 with full facilities.