4 Profesi yang seru untuk lulusan pariwisata

4 Exciting Professions for Tourism Graduates

Indonesia is a developing country that is famous for its tourism sector. Having a lot of natural beauty from Sabang to Merauke is an asset for Indonesia. For those who are in college, you are lucky because Indonesia is increasing its human resources in this sector. Now here are 4 professions for you tourism graduates.

  1. Sommelier

For most Indonesians, it may still sound strange. Sommelier is the person who is tasked with tasting the taste of wine and assessing the quality of the wine. Not only that but usually the sommelier must also understand the type of wine used, how it is planted, the condition of the soil, until the day of harvest so that it can produce the wine that has a distinctive taste. Not playing games for his salary reaches tens to hundreds of millions per month.

  1. Event Organizer

Well, if this one certainly knows. Major events such as the IMF, Soundrenaline, until the wedding, definitely need an event organizer to help the event. Now, many people often make events both individuals and companies. What was done by an event organizer helped from the selection of places, catering, decorating, and all event planning so that it became more structured, coordinated so that the event went smoothly? The average salary of an event organizer can reach tens of millions of tablets.

  1. Travel Content Creator

For those who like writing and sharing it on social media, this is an exciting work for you. Writing on a personal blog tells of your exciting experiences while enjoying tourism in Indonesia and reading lots of people is exciting right. Want to be a travel content creator, you must be diligent and always update about your exciting experiences on the streets. If you are consistent, there will definitely be lots of offers coming and inviting you to take a walk. Work feels that the roads are paid for who refuses.

  1. Civil Servants

Who says tourism children cannot be civil servants. Tourism graduates can also be civil servants. Especially for the tourism ministry, you can develop tourist destinations in Indonesia. Open new destinations for tourists so that not only in Bali even though there are still many tours from Sabang to Merauke which are not less beautiful.

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